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face glow
  • bagliore del viso

Esempi di utilizzo "face glow" in Inglese

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Despite the long and extra hours of rehearsals you can still see their faces glowing, joyful and full of excitement.
Inside, students would hover over their laptops, their faces glowing.
Her white teeth contrasted with her dark, shiny skin, and when she smiled, her face glowed.
When she sang, her face glowed, saathon rang khilte the unke chehre par (the seven colours bloomed when she sang).
His walnut-brown face glowed with the purity of one who lives in the past tense.
His face glows when he talks about the team he has been allowed to assemble.
Just do it, watch her face glow up in reaction and move on.
We love watching your sleeping face glow on our 150-thread count pillowcases.
Eating plenty of green vegetables will up your iron intake and this will make your face glow with health and radiance.

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