"eyes glaze over" in italiano


"eyes glaze over" traduzione italiano

eyes glaze over
  • occhi glassa sopra
  • occhi smalto sopra

Esempi di utilizzo "eyes glaze over" in Inglese

Queste frasi vengono da fonti esterne e potrebbero essere non accurate. bab.la non è responsabile per il loro contenuto.

Just the word superannuation can be enough to make people's eyes glaze over.
People's eyes glaze over when the catalogue of financial malpractices is made public.
Sometimes people's eyes glaze over, my husband being one of them.
Trying to explain publishing and mechanical royalties makes most people's eyes glaze over.
Do your eyes glaze over at the mention of negotiations over car license plates, customs stamps, passports, etc.?
If your eyes glaze over and your senses go numb at the mere mention of virtual reality, this is a message for you.
Vision just uses buzzwords like "parkland" and "affordable housing", to make your eyes glaze over while stealing you blind.
Yes, did your eyes glaze over too as you abandoned reading any further?
His eyes glaze over once he realizes that instead of being a book geared to male fantasy, it's actually about female empowerment.

Esempi di utilizzo "eyes glaze over" in Italiano

EnglishSo we say, area-denial, anti-access asymmetrical strategies and their eyes glaze over.
Quindi diciamo strategie asimmetriche di interdizione d'accesso e d'area... e i loro occhi si illuminano.
EnglishRight away, I hope that all of your eyes glaze over.
EnglishWhen I mention mushrooms to somebody, they immediately think Portobellos or magic mushrooms, their eyes glaze over, and they think I'm a little crazy.
E francamente, affronto un grande ostacolo: quando parlo di funghi a qualcuno, subito pensano agli champignon o ai funghi allucinogeni, strabuzzano gli occhi, e pensano che io sia un po' pazzo.

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