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"eye gouge" traduzione italiano

eye gouge
  • sgorbia degli occhi
  • gouga occhio

Esempi di utilizzo "eye gouge" in Inglese

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Belinda was eventually found inside the house, with her eyes gouged out.
Few days later he found her at the same place but with her eyes gouged out.
The child's hands and legs were chopped off in the presumed ritual and her eyes gouged out.
One of the bodies -- of a young officer in his twenties -- has had his eyes gouged out.
One student was found with the skin stripped from his face and his eyes gouged out.
The body of a third student was found dumped nearby later, his face reportedly skinned and his eyes gouged out.
Gruesome images show neglected sheep with their eyes gouged out by birds and their dead or dying bodies left to rot on a farm.
Kenyan soldiers recounted that they encountered hostages who had their eyes gouged out and had been hung from hooks in the ceiling.
Local reports said most of the man's face was gone -- his nose bitten, his eyes gouged, his skin ripped away.

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