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eye glance
  • sguardo d'occhio
  • sguardo occhio

Esempi di utilizzo "eye glance" in Inglese

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Since she can't quite put her fingers on what it is, she smiles, answers all their questions and pretends to not see the furtive eye glances between family members.
After a while the boy smiled, and then finally his blue eyes glanced away.
Eyes glanced skyward to the west as if at any moment invaders might swoop out of the clouds.
The young racers eagerly gathered around for the awards, eyes glancing between the golden trophies and array of prizes on display in the windowsill.
Your eyes glance up at your rear-view mirror and you spot another vehicle following you a little too close for comfort.
The sheer fact of the matter is you see the information, your eyes glance at it momentarily as you continue to drive safely.
You can bury your head in your phone or a book, but you can still feel tragic eyes glancing your way.

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