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eye gaze
  • sguardo occhio
  • sguardo sguardo

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Programming the robot to use eye gaze as a nonverbal cue made the handover more fluid.
Kitty will use her eye gaze computer with increasing frequency and creativity as she gets older.
Eye gaze technology figures out where on the screen someone is looking, so the eyes trigger clicks and scroll the page instead of your hands.
That is, variations in our facial expression, facial viewpoint and eye gaze direction.
Who knows, the only way to tell is to not break eye gaze.
The study analyzed users' brain activity and eye gaze movements as they were subjected to these attacks.
Previous work involving communication of attention in animals has focused on cues that humans use -- body orientation, head orientation and eye gaze.
You may not realise it, but eye gaze affects something so primitive as our psychological reactions to other people.

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