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extravagant gifts
  • regali stravaganti

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The charity's advice leaflet also warns against "extravagant gifts or big amounts of money" as rewards for exam success because tat can add to the tension.
We've tracked down the most insanely extravagant gifts that people might have actually bought for someone.
Giving overly extravagant gifts and putting someone on the spot?
Felipe ordered members of the royal family not to accept any extravagant gifts.
While extravagant gifts are great for some, others prefer sweet gestures instead.
Some people long to have the most romantic date and have the most extravagant gifts, although some just want to have a good company.
There followed a public banquet - with the emperor picking up the tab for the entire city - at which extravagant gifts were exchanged.
Is it the precedent that now public officials can take extravagant gifts, once they register it in the name of their office?
Couples are too busy buying each other extravagant gifts and forget that love is simple, honest and sincere... that's it!
When the widow inquires about the extravagant gifts, they tell her it is for a baby they have never met.

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