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extraordinary generosity
  • straordinaria generosità

Esempi di utilizzo "extraordinary generosity" in Inglese

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Restaurateurs all over town have similar stories, alongside tales of extraordinary generosity, $100 tips and the like.
So, in act of extraordinary generosity, the couple sought out another child for whom the money would make a life-changing difference.
All the brothers go away very happy after profusely thanking the stranger for his extraordinary generosity.
There are plenty of associates who are critical of his extraordinary generosity.
All of us were forced to re-evaluate our personal relationships: people we thought we could depend on didn't step forward to help, while others we barely knew exhibited extraordinary generosity.
Tributes were also paid to the "extraordinary generosity" of so many contributors, adding that friends and family members would be "forever grateful" to people for offering their time and resources.
He hailed the "extraordinary generosity and sense of forgiveness that he had for those who done him so much harm".
Dot regularly witnesses acts of extraordinary generosity among the ordinary people she meets.
Suddenly adversity produces extraordinary generosity of spirit and people working together in a way perhaps that hadn't quite happened before.

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