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"extraordinarily gifted" traduzione italiano

extraordinarily gifted
  • straordinariamente dotato

Esempi di utilizzo "extraordinarily gifted" in Inglese

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He is also an extraordinarily gifted player and an asset to his community without seeking credit for his contributions.
Vic was an extraordinarily gifted player in a lot of respects.
Grantham, however, is extraordinarily gifted history-wise.
Both men come from wealthy families, and both are extraordinarily gifted warriors, as two examples.
He is an extraordinarily gifted communicator, he has a very strong faith and a very hopeful outlook.
He was undoubtedly an extraordinarily gifted man, but he was also in the right place at the right time.
It was also a period when some extraordinarily gifted song-writers came to the fore, writers that penned some of the most enduring and fondly remembered songs of that era.
This was perhaps the turning point, where the world sat up and took notice of this extraordinarily gifted musician.

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