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extract the gas
  • estrarre il gas

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And it's not even due to a lack of technology - there is enough of it in the world to extract gas from the deep sea.
As yet, the evidence for the safety of pumping chemicals into the ground to extract gas from shale is sketchy.
But researchers say a lot more research is needed for them to be able to extract gas from unstable hydrate accumulations.
He rather stressed the need to extract gas from wells and explore more gas to resolve the present crisis.
Hydraulic fracturing is, however, always used to extract gas from shale deposits.
In horizontal fracking, the well is turned horizontally at depth to extract gas from a layer - or layers - of shale rock.
New technologies emerged to extract gas from shale and other rock formations.
That resulted in an 18-month ban on the hydraulic fracturing - or "fracking" - technology used to extract gas from shale rock.
This allows companies to extract gas from a much larger area from a single well site, decreasing land needs and maximizing efficiency.
Traditional natural gas wells were vertical and it was not possible to extract gas from unconventional sources.

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EnglishIt will not be possible to extract this gas without the acceptance of the people in the regions and the local residents.
Non sarà possibile, infatti, procedere con l'estrazione del gas senza l'approvazione degli abitanti delle zone interessate e dei residenti locali.

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