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expressive gestures
  • gesti espressivi

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It's directly in contact with the mouth of the player, and the player can make all sorts of expressive gestures with the mouth instantaneously.
Greco was an actress before she was a singer, and every song was swathed in expressive gestures.
It becomes more of a record of his fall and of his surprisingly expressive gestures he makes as he braces himself before hitting the crash pad.
This deficiency is especially discernible in the musical film, a genre that ordinarily relies heavily on clear-cut choreography and expressive gestures.
It becomes more of a personal moment, a moment about expressive gestures.
To demonstrate alpha behavior in a group and attract people to you, use expressive gestures.
Unni is a very engaging performer with a vivid palate of expressive gestures that paint a canvas of life and beyond.
In the past, she has employed collage and photo-transfer techniques, along with expressive gestures in paint or charcoal, to explore a range of themes.
Her expressive gestures was proof that she had a good grip over the medium.

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