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express grievances
  • esprimere lamentele
  • esprimere rimostranze

Esempi di utilizzo "express grievances" in Inglese

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Lagman said the "brute force" of the police violated the constitutional rights for freedom to peacefully assemble to express grievances.
Social media have taken over as the main public space for the disaffected majority to express grievances, alongside their innermost hopes and fears.
To destroy properties can never be the best way to express grievances.
Researchers found that both community protests and xenophobic violence were a last-resort strategy to obtain power and express grievances, particularly over inadequate service delivery.
This is violating the victim's human rights and sending a chilling message to those who want to speak out and express grievances.
We advise the public to be vigilant in defending their right to free speech and express grievances against government.
Craven vandalism is often employed in the absence of courage to fight but presence of willingness to protest and express grievances and dissatisfaction.

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