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express grief
  • esprimere il dolore
  • esprimere dolore

Esempi di utilizzo "express grief" in Inglese

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Grieving in public is becoming political expression and people are finding the need to articulate their right to express grief.
Several other friends and family members also have taken to social media to express grief.
The camp for children between the ages of six and 17 encourages kids to express grief, and also build trust and self-esteem and learn to cope with loss.
Many of the notes express grief or pledge to turn the country in a more liberal direction.
Many of the notes express grief or pledge to turn the country towards a more liberal direction.
It is normal for relations to express grief and sometimes shed tears.
However, there are some proven strategies that will help you cope and to express grief in a healthy and constructive way.
The keeners were paid to come and sing, professionals who made money out of their ability to express grief in song.
She felt that social media created an unspoken social pressure to publicly express grief.

Esempi di utilizzo "express grief" in Italiano

EnglishI would like to join with the feeling of grief and express my solidarity with all those affected by this tragedy, in terms of both the human and material losses.
Vorrei unirmi al sentimento di cordoglio ed esprimere solidarietà a chi è stato vittima della tragedia subendo perdite umane e materiali.
English(SK) Allow me to express my grief and say a few words in remembrance of the recent tragic crash involving a Slovak bus that took place near the Croatian town of Gospič.
(SK) Consentitemi di esprimere il mio dolore per il tragico incidente che ha coinvolto un autobus slovacco, vicino alla cittadina croata di Gospič.
EnglishMr President, unfortunately, at the opening of almost every Parliament sitting, you are called upon to express the Chamber's grief over the victims of despicable terrorist attacks.
Signor Presidente, purtroppo quasi ad ogni apertura di sessione del nostro Parlamento lei è chiamato ad esprimere il dolore della nostra Assemblea per le vittime di vili attentati terroristici.

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