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exports grew
  • le esportazioni sono cresciute
  • esportazioni sono cresciute

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Despite current weak dairy prices, exports grew by some $2 billion in the last year, reflecting a broadening of the country's exporting base.
In yuan terms, exports grew by 5.9 percent from a year earlier while imports were up by 13 percent.
Exports grew by 40.5% in the first half of this fiscal and imports grew by 30.4%.
Even if exports grew 21% until this date and regarding 2010-2011, prices were unstable.
The exports grew 20 per cent in volume to touch 7,52,020 tonnes.
Over time exports grew, responding to the currency adjustment.
Our software exports grew over 100% per annum during the 90s and over 40% per annum later.
According to the report, exports grew 16% in first eight months of current fiscal.
The previous slowest was in 2009-10 when the pharma exports grew by just 5.9 per cent.

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