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exploding gas
  • gas esplosivo

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Exploding gas bubbles injected into the blood stream could provide a new way of destroying cancer cells in the body.
The sound of exploding gas canisters could be heard as the flames ripped through what had recently been makeshift homes.
Migrants and officials alike said the fires in the camp had been set deliberately, and exploding gas cylinders used for cooking had caused the blazes to spread.
Migrants and officials alike said the fires were set deliberately, while exploding gas cylinders caused them to spread.
However, exploding gas and the car airbags from last week's recall is really up there when it comes to safety.
He wasn't writing about exploding gas pipes but is words graphically describe the results when gas explosions occur in dry prairie country.
Exploding gas stoves and stocks of calcium carbide in some stalls caused the fire to spread.
They also had to contend with exploding gas cylinders and flammable materials in the unit.
If the sailors fail to do this, exploding gas fumes will rip a supertanker apart in the blast.
Exploding gas cylinders intensified the fire; there were sight of books and copies reduced to ashes except for the grotto which miraculously remained unharmed.

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