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experimental group
  • gruppo sperimentale

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In the experimental group, the subjects had their reconsolidation process disrupted with repeated showings of the picture without shock.
The remaining subjects were in the experimental group, the ones that would take 40 times more salbutamol than is recommended by doctors.
In the early 2010 study, the research team split 38 young adult volunteers into a control group and an experimental group.
Participants were split into two groups: a control group and an experimental group.
The children were randomly divided into an experimental group and a control group.
Neurons in the experimental group were found to become more excitable over time, driving the rats to consume more ethanol-laced water.
The researchers note a trend that those in the experimental group required lower doses of neuroleptics.
We did find some differences between the control group and the experimental group in terms of a few cognitive functions.
The control group did not wear cameras while the experimental group did.
Seven of the patients in the experimental group suffered from different types of dementia.

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