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expensive gear
  • attrezzatura costosa
  • marcia costosa

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Swim goggles were too small to support a screen, plus the athletes were too few in number -- and too unaccustomed to shelling out for expensive gear.
This can be particularly frustrating if you've reorganised your life to accommodate this activity and perhaps forked out for expensive gear.
But you didn't need the newest or most expensive gear, as composition and creativity are critical in this style of photography!
Rich people don't necessarily buy all the most expensive gear.
The experience inspired him and his friends to find a better way for high schools to detect concussions without buying expensive gear.
You don't have to do expensive stuff or go to expensive classes or get expensive gear -- just get walking.
Bloom compared bongs to stereo equipment -- some people can tell the difference in the sound or smoke produced by expensive gear, while others can't.
Cinematic-like video that's smooth and often looks like it's been captured with more expensive gear.

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