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expensive gadgets
  • gadget costosi

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And new research blames this rising trend on parents for spoiling their offspring with the latest expensive gadgets throughout the year.
Did it bother you to see expensive gadgets housed in cheap covers?
The father had tried to assuage his guilt of being away from home by plying the son with expensive gadgets and gifts.
Further, people think that you can only be a professional photographer if you have big, expensive gadgets.
The rules of engagement are changing, and expensive gadgets just invite a war of attrition.
Or are we starting to get vanishing returns as we use expensive gadgets to probe the margins of nature?
Till now, the smartwatches have been disregarded as expensive gadgets and for not delivering all that one looks for in a gadget.
Having to add expensive gadgets that achieve little to nothing that isn't done better by existing utilities is dead money.
You wind up dashing from awning to awning (or tree to tree) trying desperately to keep yourself -- and your expensive gadgets -- dry.

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