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existing governance
  • governance esistente

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An impressive 85 percent of respondents were satisfied with their existing governance model, the firm said.
While this type of transaction allows the local hospital to maintain most of its existing governance, there is a limited amount of cash coming from the hospital partner.
Suggestions that the tribe's parliament and executive arm will face restructuring are on the table with the meeting preparing to discuss existing governance arrangements and the current marae-based representative structure.
The argument seems clear: if existing governance structures can not manage emerging global threats, expect them to evolve or fall by the wayside.
A review of the existing governance landscape should also be done.
Organisations must evaluate their existing governance against the cloud security model and understand the residual risks and what compensating controls need to be implemented.
Existing governance systems use different tools to enforce their rules, like social norms or legal systems.
Firms should start reviewing existing governance frameworks and tackling practices that could signal problematic culture.
Consultants have expressed dissatisfaction with the existing governance arrangement.

Esempi di utilizzo "existing governance" in Italiano

EnglishThe first principle is that this pact must be carried out under the conditions laid down in the Treaty and within the existing system of economic governance.
Il primo principio è che il patto va realizzato attenendosi alle condizioni stabilite nel trattato e nell'ambito del sistema esistente di governance economica.
EnglishThe aim is to cover an extensive range of routine financial journalism where standards have remained high and existing governance mechanisms have proved adequate.
L'articolo vuole coprire anche l'ampio spettro del giornalismo finanziario normale i cui standard e meccanismi di regolamentazione non hanno mai dato segni di cedimento.
EnglishA total amount of EUR 38.5 million is already committed, within existing governance programmes, for specific actions of support to the parliaments of ACP countries.
Nell’ambito degli attuali programmi per la , è già stata impegnata una somma pari a 38,5 milioni di euro per finanziare specifiche azioni di sostegno a favore dei parlamenti dei paesi ACP.
EnglishThe current economic, financial and social crisis has shown that the existing economic governance model in the Union has not worked as effectively as it was envisaged.
L'attuale crisi economico-finanziaria e sociale ha mostrato che il modello di governance economica esistente nell'Unione non ha funzionato in modo tanto efficace quanto idealmente previsto.

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