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existing gap
  • gap esistente
  • divario esistente

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Based on recent trends, we predict that the number of private-sector defined-benefit plans will decline, exacerbating the existing gap between private- and public-sector workers.
He also emphasized that students must shape themselves keeping in mind the existing gap between the academics and the demand of skills in bio-technology related industry.
He says the company's efforts would help bridge the existing gap between the rich and the poor in terms of access to telecommunication services.
It also urged the government to come up with strong strategies to ensure universal access to education by bridging the existing gap between the poor and the rich.
The existing gap between the popularity of internationalisation and the lack of foreign languages in the curriculum of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes is a paradox.
The government must create a friendly environment for more girls to acquire education and fill the existing gap between girls and boys.
The government, regulator and insurers have to work closely to ensure that the existing gap between health care spends and the portion covered by insurance reduces over time.
The study recommends that students take internships seriously to bridge the existing gap between what is being taught in college and what companies look for in candidates.
This clearly indicates the existing gap between what the organisations expect and what they get from fresh recruits, he explains.
This, in turn, will help the government to restore people's confidence in state institution, thereby bridging the existing gap between the state and its marginalised citizens.

Esempi di utilizzo "existing gap" in Italiano

EnglishIt is a step to close the existing gender pay gap.
È un passo verso la riduzione dell'attuale differenziale salariale tra i generi.
EnglishThe GrünGürtel’s currently still existing gap between the Ostpark and the Mainufer (river embankment) shall be closed in the future.
In futuro sarà realizzato il tratto mancante della GrünGürtel tra l’Ostpark e il Mainufer (lungofiume).
EnglishIn order to close the existing democratic gap, an interinstitutional agreement, as requested by this Parliament two weeks ago, is urgently needed.
Per ovviare dunque a questa lacuna democratica risulta molto urgente anche un accordo interistituzionale, come richiesto due settimane fa da questo Parlamento.
EnglishI have called for instruments to be identified in the budget which will allow them to participate, not least in order to avoid further widening the existing gap.
Ho chiesto che siano individuati gli strumenti di bilancio atti a permettere la loro partecipazione, anche per evitare di ampliare ulteriormente il divario già presente.
EnglishInstead of setting new bold targets, the heads of state and government should get on with the job of closing the existing 'delivery gap ' between their words and their actions.
Invece di stabilire nuovi audaci obiettivi, i capi di Stato e di governo dovrebbero procedere nel loro compito di colmare il divario esistente tra le parole e le azioni.
EnglishSo we must make every effort to close the existing gap between words on paper and the actual, practical difficulties the European citizen still encounters every day.
Pertanto si devono intraprendere tutti gli sforzi per eliminare il divario esistente tra gli obiettivi sulla carta e le difficoltà effettive che il cittadino europeo incontra ancora quotidianamente.

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