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excessive greed
  • eccessiva avidità
  • avidità eccessiva

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But any nation where the citizenry is destroyed by excessive greed, self-seeking and pessimism about their country, loses the capacity for self renewal.
And so it has not worked for us and even that which worked in the past have been lost to selfishness and excessive greed.
He said patriotism born of selfless commitment in pursuit of the national agenda, has been corrupted "by the virus of unbridled ambition and excessive greed".
Maybe have tiers of different tax rates to recoup brackets of excessive greed.
If we must fight corruption seriously, we must change what excites greed, excessive greed.

Esempi di utilizzo "excessive greed" in Italiano

English11 September and Hurricane Katrina demonstrated that the source of the danger is identical: energy greed and excessive energy consumption.
L'11 settembre e l'uragano Katrina hanno dimostrato che le fonti di pericolo coincidono: l'avidità energetica e il consumo smodato di energia.

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