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exceptionally gifted
  • eccezionalmente dotato

Esempi di utilizzo "exceptionally gifted" in Inglese

Queste frasi vengono da fonti esterne e potrebbero essere non accurate. bab.la non è responsabile per il loro contenuto.

They attempt to scale a summit that has proved beyond the reach of some exceptionally gifted players.
Walsh has played alongside some exceptionally gifted players since making his senior championship debut back in 2003.
That was the last time his family heard from the paediatrician, said to be exceptionally gifted.
Jerome is an exceptionally gifted leader with an impressive track record of spearheading growth and expansion at several iconic apparel and consumer goods companies.
He is an exceptionally gifted musician, with a wide range of experience and a strong emphasis on the creation of new work and community engagement.
That was the first generation of exceptionally gifted midfield players.
Can't we just agree that they're both exceptionally gifted footballers that bring out the best in each other?
It's truly rare to meet someone who is exceptionally gifted in both writing and photography!

Esempi di utilizzo "exceptionally gifted" in Italiano

EnglishThe man with wild curls is well known in Italy as an exceptionally gifted entertainer.
Un’opportunità di incontro con celebri scrittori italiani

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