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excellent grip
  • Ottima presa.
  • presa eccellente

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It's not all bad though because the rubber finish is extremely tactile and offers excellent grip.
The handset has a textured rubberized back panel, which offers excellent grip.
Our test car was equipped with the optional sports suspension package and had excellent grip, cornered flat and composed, and had a meaty and connected feel to the steering.
Rotated fully back, they form an excellent grip for single-hand use.
This provides comfort as well as an excellent grip and stability to allow for effective and flexible movement during the game.
Meanwhile, the back panel is treated with high density hairline metal drawing processes for excellent grip and added protection against scratching.
Its textured back panel gives excellent grip while the touch and type combination would give you the necessary room to manoeuvre between tasks.
This radial agro-industrial tire offers outstanding stability as well as excellent grip.
Flexible thumb construction with inseams to give excellent grip.
The reinforced palm is made from high quality goatskin and provides excellent grip while the back of the hand is made from a durable nylon stretch fabric.

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