"exceed the guideline" in italiano


"exceed the guideline" traduzione italiano

exceed the guideline
  • superare la linea guida
  • superare le linee guida

Esempi di utilizzo "exceed the guideline" in Inglese

Queste frasi vengono da fonti esterne e potrebbero essere non accurate. bab.la non è responsabile per il loro contenuto.

But once short bouts of activity were taken into account, men managed to exceed the guidelines, while women came close to meeting them.
Without disinfectants, bacteria -- the only contaminants that exceed water quality standards now -- will continue to exceed the guidelines.
That exceeds guideline recommendations that a change should be made after two to four weeks if there's no improvement.
That's why the overall rental increases exceed the guideline.
Canadian kids are spending seven hours and 48 minutes per day in front of screens, dramatically exceeding the guideline of no more than two hours per day.
The water quality in the localised area around the outfalls will exceed the guidelines for primary contact recreation (swimming).
Methamphetamine found on some banknotes exceeded the guideline amount that could see someone evicted from their home.
The agency says 16 samples showed amounts of chemicals that exceed guidelines for the protection of aquatic life.
Except for a small area near the entrance, all sediments exceed guidelines for at least one contaminant.

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