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evolutionary genetics
  • genetica evolutiva

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On the way he founded the modern science of evolutionary genetics.
With 250 species, and over 600 different color patterns, bumblebees are a vivid example of adaptive radiation -- and a powerful system for the study of evolutionary genetics.
But the blood samples were soon used for research on schizophrenia, inbreeding, and evolutionary genetics -- uses to which the tribe objected and had not consented.
Initially, centres were planned for reproductive biology, animal care sciences, conservation ecology, wildlife forensics, conservation and evolutionary genetics, migratory birds, species survival and conservation education.
One thing's for sure: the availability of 21 new full genome sequences for the threespine stickleback is a very welcome resource for people working with evolutionary genetics!
The study is an important step forward in "evolutionary genetics" and understanding how genetic and environmental factors may contribute to disease risk.

Esempi di utilizzo "evolutionary genetics" in Italiano

EnglishLater, I would work on evolutionary genetics, and I would work on systems biology.
Più tardi, avrei lavorato sulla genetica evolutiva, e avrei lavorato sulla biologia dei sistemi.

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