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evil genius
  • genio del male

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He is an evil genius (maybe) but than who has the time to watch the demented man and his show...
You either end up dead, conscripted by an evil genius, or find yourself struggling with weird superpowers.
Today the evil genius at the centre of the commercials can at last be named and shamed.
I don't think he's an evil genius who wanted to set up the criminal regime that exists today.
But let's talk about one facet of genius that captivates so many people: the evil genius.
Other fathers use tactics so clever that it is hard for a young man not to have some grudging respect for the evil genius involved.
Dude's an evil genius sorcerer of romantic, hot guy-strewn weepy nostalgia fare, and he clearly has no intention of stopping.

Esempi di utilizzo "evil genius" in Italiano

EnglishThis is the work of the evil genius of stagnant anti-Communism, which is capable of poisoning the atmosphere not only in this House but also in the acceding states.
E’ l’opera di un genio perverso dell’anticomunismo stagnante, capace di avvelenare l’atmosfera non solo in questa Assemblea, ma anche nei paesi in via di adesione.

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