"every aspect of governance" in italiano


"every aspect of governance" traduzione italiano

every aspect of governance
  • ogni aspetto della governance

Esempi di utilizzo "every aspect of governance" in Inglese

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Appointments made on quota system has increased incompetence manifold in every aspect of governance.
At a time when modern technology has touched nearly every aspect of governance, some government offices, particularly those in taluks around the city, continue to use centuries-old conventional technology.
If the executive committee that takes policy decisions does not sit, it affects virtually every aspect of governance.
Instead, it has created a military-industrial complex that has spread its tentacles in every aspect of governance.
Problems of different dimensions await them, if elected to power, on portfolios, policies and priorities, for that matter on every aspect of governance.
We have been working day and night to touch every aspect of governance in order that our people will have the good life.
We looked into every aspect of governance in that conference.
Every aspect of governance must be made transparently clear and accountable.