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eternal glory
  • gloria eterna

Esempi di utilizzo "eternal glory" in Inglese

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Also, you all know that, dad passed on recently to eternal glory!
Many sports fans dream of winning the lottery, buying their underperforming local team and bankrolling them to eternal glory.
May you not diminish until called to eternal glory, by your creator.
Who that beholds these horrid spectacles, can forbear to desire the conversion of a people so unhappily blind to present happiness and eternal glory.
The beautiful lines of the song personify the eternal glory of this beautiful land.
He could well be on his way to another moment of eternal glory.
For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all.

Esempi di utilizzo "eternal glory" in Italiano

EnglishFilled with spiritual gratitude, we call upon the Holy Mother of the Saviour, sanctuary of the divine presence and tabernacle of eternal glory.
Colmi di spirituale gratitudine, invochiamo la Santa Madre del Salvatore, santuario della divina presenza e tabernacolo dell'eterna gloria.
EnglishAn illustrious victim in this regard was the Archbishop of Polock and Vitebsk, Josaphat Kuntsevych, whose martyrdom merited the unfading crown of eternal glory.
Ne fu vittima illustre l'arcivescovo di Polock e Vitebsk, Giosafat Kuncevyc, il cui martirio fu coronato con l'immarcescibile corona della gloria eterna.

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