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establish guideline
  • stabilire linee guida

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Community volunteers are in the process of creating a nonprofit that will establish guidelines for the garden's use by residents, she said.
The findings will establish guidelines for a nationwide study.
There are established guidelines for medication therapy in weight management and when administered under controlled conditions, they achieve the objective of weight reduction.
There are established guidelines for this and the results of the various evaluation tests must be displayed to establish end-user confidence.
So, just like the two-drink maximum for alcohol, establishing guidelines for "responsible" gambling could reduce the risk of overuse.
Establishing guidelines for remote access is also critical.
Establishing the guidelines on the handling of overdrafts by banks will improve public confidence in and strengthen the integrity of the country's check clearing and settlement system.
Research institutions will need to establish guidelines to determine the trustworthiness and legitimacy of publicly shared data.
Williams said his organisation would be willing to work with the coroner to establish guidelines but as yet had not been asked.
Unclos also establishes guidelines for business, the environment, and the management of marine natural resources.

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