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establish a governance
  • stabilire una governance

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It is imperative that the company establish a governance structure that provides its management with the proper tools and knowledge to satisfy its duties to the company and its shareholders.
Finally, the three communities must work tirelessly to establish governance, administration and social structures that foster interdependence among themselves.
Corruption -- the cancer that insidiously nibbles established governance systems and ultimately destroys them irreparably.
Provision is also made for the board of directors to establish a governance and ethics committee and an audit committee, with an independent chair in each case.
Gartner recommends that organisations establish governance practices that ensure no laws are broken, as a bare minimum.
Establish a governance model that guarantees creative freedoms to practitioners.
He believes the general counsel should play a key role in a corporation's efforts to establish a governance model that will enable it to achieve this goal.
She brings detailed insights in directing privacy policies and safeguards, establishing governance frameworks, developing privacy law representation strategies, demonstrating accountability for privacy protection and responding to privacy breaches.
Rather, networking teams can educate and establish governance and guardrails.
Those who establish a governance model for innovation will succeed.

Esempi di utilizzo "establish a governance" in Italiano

English(FR) Mr President, we need to establish economic governance in order to get the European Union out of this continuing crisis.
(FR) Signor Presidente, dobbiamo istituire la governance economica per far uscire l'Unione europea da questa crisi persistente.
EnglishWe need to introduce legal regulations and implement without delay the measures required to establish economic governance which is beneficial to the EU.
Dobbiamo introdurre normative e attuare senza indugio le misure necessarie per instaurare un buon governo economico che sia proficuo per l'Unione europea.

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