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"especially galling" traduzione italiano

especially galling
  • particolarmente irritante
  • soprattutto galling

Esempi di utilizzo "especially galling" in Inglese

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The fact that refugees start out thousands of dollars in debt -- to the government -- is especially galling, she adds.
It must be especially galling for such a noted clothes horse to discover he's suddenly yesterday's model.
It must be especially galling for these poor folks to know they got it from eating celery.
I think that companies who have invested heavily in gas (without mentioning names, now) find that especially galling.
They find it especially galling to be asked to pay for "the cost of past spending decisions" that favoured their industry.
It was especially galling as we had our own loveys, right here, who seemingly could do with the work.
What's especially galling is that the trap is of our own devising.
This is especially galling as it happened to someone who by all accounts was actively trying to change this culture from the inside.

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