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entire globe
  • intero globo

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But the sequence of events puts the little town not just on the country's map, it makes it the focus of the entire globe.
Few, if any, other countries have a national day which is so widely known and celebrated across the entire globe.
Iridium is the only mobile voice and data satellite communications network that spans the entire globe.
It provides both rainfall and temperature projections at a resolution of around 15.5 miles (25km), between 1950 and 2100 across the entire globe.
Now, what if all these could become nodes on a sensor network spanning the entire globe?
Our ultimate aim is to extend our services to the entire globe.
So, the chief marketing officer has responsibilities across the entire globe, which give us reach geographically.
The warning blankets the entire globe, with no specific country or area given greater significance.
There is, however, one language that does perform the magic trick of uniting the entire globe.
They had employees numbering in the hundreds of thousands, and a bureaucracy in place to manage their diverse businesses, which spanned the entire globe.

Esempi di utilizzo "entire globe" in Italiano

EnglishSome of them are from the northern hemisphere; some are from the entire globe.
Alcuni provengono dall'emisfero settentrionale, altri dall'intero globo.
EnglishThe mid-ocean ridge is a huge mountain range, 40,000 miles long, snaking around the entire globe.
La dorsale oceanica è un'immensa catena montuosa, lunga 64,:,000 km, che serpeggia per tutto il globo.
EnglishExpress delivery firms, for example, have been working for years with computer systems covering the entire globe.
Ad esempio, aziende di spedizioni espresso si avvalgono già da anni di sistemi informatizzati che abbracciano tutto il mondo.
EnglishSo our work, in a certain way, is to address this imago, this kind of archetype that has pervaded the psyche of our entire globe.
Per cui il nostro lavoro, in un certo senso, è di scalzare questa immagine, questo archetipo che ha pervaso la psiche del globo intero.
EnglishYet these two issues are global concerns and their resolution, while certainly impossible without the European Union, must be addressed by the entire globe.
Tuttavia, queste due questioni sono preoccupazioni globali e la loro soluzione, di certo impossibile senza l'Unione europea, deve essere affrontata a livello mondiale.

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