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entire genome
  • intero genoma

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In total, the researchers were unable to determine the function of 149 genes, which is almost a third of the entire genome.
Repeats in the (genetic) code are fairly common, but usually scattered throughout the entire genome.
The methylation state decays over time along the entire genome.
We have mapped the entire genome, and yet, there is no map of electromagnetic fields in the human body!
I could write the entire genome of a flu virus in around 100 tweets.
Sheep producers are set to benefit from a breakthrough in genetic research, after scientists successfully mapped the entire genome of sheep.
Genetics is the study of heredity, and genomics is the study of the entire genome for a given organism.
They analysed material from up to 32 generations and checked the entire genome for one specific epigenetic mark: the methylation of cytosine nucleotides.
He's talking about the entire genome that has to be wrong.

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