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"enter a garage" traduzione italiano

enter a garage
  • entrare in un garage

Esempi di utilizzo "enter a garage" in Inglese

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Officers described being "taken aback" by the smell of urine when they entered the garage.
Signs directed customers to the garage and visitors were handed protective glasses as they entered the garage.
Afterwards two of his teenage friends entered a garage and stole the vehicle.
Witnesses claimed that four men entered the garage, and two of them were dressed as police officers.
When he entered the garage, he found a man hiding inside his car and the car door open.
I entered the garage and saw four men of varying ages and one younger woman around a supped-up quad.
You just scan your phone when you enter the garage and scan it again when you leave.
A suspect entered the garage but left after a motion light came on and dogs barked.
Other staff heard the commotion and entered the garage to see what was happening.
A pack rat only needs an opening the size of a nickel to enter a garage.

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