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animal graze
  • pascolo degli animali
  • animali pascolo

Esempi di utilizzo "animal graze" in Inglese

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Packaging should be in colours that back up this image - blues, greens, clear water, pictures of mountains and rivers and animals grazing in wide-open spaces.
This weed can be difficult to control in horse pastures because it is not controlled by mowing and animals graze it infrequently.
Realise that the closer the animal grazes to the ground, the more spores they will be consuming.
Residents watching from decks and windows reported seeing the animals grazing in the field behind their homes and wandering through their backyards.
The consumption of meat and or milk from animals grazing on such land would also give rise for concern.
Palm trees dotted the shoreline where farm animals grazed.
Ideally the weight of earthworms below healthy productive pastures is equivalent to the weight of animals grazing above ground.
Imagine a group of cowherds in a village letting their animals graze on a common meadow.
They stopped animals grazing and decided that no trees should be planted there.

Esempi di utilizzo "animal graze" in Italiano

EnglishThere is no possibility of taking an animal out to graze in the middle of the Channel.
Non è assolutamente possibile far uscire a pascolare un animale in mezzo alla Manica.

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