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animal genetics
  • genetica animale

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She subsequently worked for many years in various administrative roles - including as an office manager - and in several fields, including human health, animal genetics and animal training.
Improved animal genetics and management, combined with better grassland management and feeding practices mean that farms are using resources more efficiently to increase their outputs.
Long-term, the outlook was positive and was enhanced by the industry's track record of continuous improvement of pasture and animal genetics and of using technology to create efficiency.
There was also a greater focus on lifting performance through animal genetics than in other sectors.
The genetics testing and research facility, which has a small staff of four doctors, has set its sights on even bigger goals in the field of animal genetics.
Knowledge of animal genetics is important in the application of biotechnology to manage genetic disorders and improve animal breeding.
But he soon realised there were greater opportunities for success and change in animal genetics.
The technology sector in this space ranges from specialised machinery and resource management to growing techniques and harvesting processes, even animal genetics.

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