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and geology department
  • e dipartimento di geologia

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Also, all the 90 odd mining leases were suspended, asking the owners to submit the relevant documents before mines and geology department.
Illegal mining was going on here since many years without prior licence from the mines and geology department.
Let anyone go up to the mines and geology department, and ask for the details.
Officials at the mines and geology department said all the companies that were behind the export were genuine and licensed to handle the gold in the period under review.
The state industries, mines and geology department said land have been identified for creating a land parcel.
Lack of coordination between the mines and geology department and public works department and bureaucratic lethargy have led to shortage of sand and prices are going up again.
The mining firm had got the nod from mining and geology department and the state environment impact assessment authority to mine 51,000 cu m of red earth.
We have decided to involve the mines and geology department to identify quarries where the waste can be dumped.

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