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analogue gauges
  • calibri analogici
  • misuratori analogici

Esempi di utilizzo "analogue gauges" in Inglese

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No digital readouts here; instead, it's got two analogue gauges mounted atop the dash for your power level and state-of-charge.
Well-known components like ignition keys and analogue gauges are going the way of cigarette lighters and hand-cranked windows.
The dash features a quartet of traditional analogue gauges and a small screen that can be configured to show a variety of information.
Three analogue gauges advise of fuel level, road and engine speed.
Gone are the simple, analogue gauges, which have been replaced by an ana-digi unit consisting of a digital speedometer and a large tach.
All pertinent flight information is displayed in the glass cockpit -- digital displays rather than traditional analogue gauges.
The 12.3-inch head up display is now absolutely digital, dropping all the analogue gauges from the instrument cluster, making it driver friendly and gorgeously looking.
The dashboard layout is clean and straight-forward; the analogue gauges are easy to read day or night.
The instruments are uncluttered and easy to read, featuring two large analogue gauges and a central display screen.

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