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amount of garbage
  • quantità di spazzatura

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And that's assuming the amount of garbage generated by the city will remain the same.
When residents themselves reduce the amount of garbage generated at their home, there is little the civic body will need to do.
The first step is to reduce the amount of garbage we produce.
During the peak tourism season, the amount of garbage piled up in the town a day could reach even 60 metric tonnes.
However, the amount of garbage required is not yet available in both the plants.
Spread across the flat, the amount of garbage had grown into several heaps, to the point that the front door of the flat was blocked.
One of the best solutions will be to reduce the amount of garbage produced.
Obvious, yes, but not so easy to do, given the amount of garbage there is to sift through.
The recovery of dry waste will reduce the amount of garbage that is sent to landfills by 30%-40%.

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