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amber glow
  • bagliore ambrato

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Some beachcombers built bonfires along the waterfront, providing an amber glow against the dark horizon.
The salt lamps give off an amber glow and, supposedly, soothing negative ions.
Renderings were released that studiously avoided a street-level view of the development, instead showing the building's inviting amber glow from the point of view of a soul ascending to heaven.
Frozen in the amber glow of nostalgia, people forget now how stilted and uninspired so much of it actually was.
Turn on the power to the receiver allowing the crackling dials awake to a soft amber glow.
You try to remember it, but the details fade -- or they take on the amber glow we wrap the very best memories in, which is a different kind of misremembering.
An amber glow enters through the window, falls across me like a second blanket.
On entry there's a warm red and amber glow radiating from a peculiar column of glass cabinets that contain various bottles and decanters.
In an hour, the sky's amber glow will be supplanted by beams of white light which last for nearly 24 hours in summertime.
At night, a warm amber glow spills from the room and floods out onto the pavement below.

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