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amazing generosity
  • incredibile generosità

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It's not until you go through something like this you realise the amazing generosity of people.
We are very thankful for the amazing generosity of those who so kindly donated to make our lives happier.
We have been fortified by the amazing generosity of spirit that our friends and colleagues have shown us and this gives us strength.
He signed off after 52 hours by thanking listeners for their "amazing generosity".
And yet the people showed an amazing generosity with those who were even more affected than themselves.
Walter has lived his passions, showing an amazing generosity of spirit and no small amount of courage.
It is wonderful to have the opportunity to thank the family directly for this amazing generosity.

Esempi di utilizzo "amazing generosity" in Italiano

EnglishMr President, I find Mrs Roth-Behrendt's generosity quite amazing.
Signor Presidente, trovo la generosità dell'onorevole Roth-Behrendt piuttosto sorprendente.

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