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altered gene
  • gene alterato

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The pulses make holes through which the drug or an altered gene is put into the cell.
The p53 gene is the most frequently altered gene in human cancer with more than half of all cancers having mutant p53.
A cascade effect, with one altered gene affecting the expression of many other genes involved in brain development.
In fact, a body of evidence is linking the process of addiction (among many chronic diseases) to altered gene function profile passed down by ancestors.
When altered, the corrupted information in the altered gene can give rise to birth defects.
Analysis of the altered gene activity patterns indicated that they could lead to reductions in learning, memory and co-ordination, and increases in hyperactive behaviour.
In addition, scientists have discovered that altered gene expression -- distinctly different from genetic mutation -- can be passed from one generation to another in what are called epigenetic effects.
In normal reproduction, a mosquito carrying one copy of an altered gene passes it on to 50 per cent of its offspring.

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