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allow a glimpse
  • consentire uno sguardo

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As you timidly move forward, the rain around you ceases to fall overhead, allowing a glimpse into what it might be like to control the rain.
Photographers around the world have captured amazing microscopic images of different objects, as seen through a light microscope, allowing a glimpse into a world that most have never seen.
When the leaves have fallen, allowing glimpses of the city, cemetery aficionados gather at the city founder's large family plot.
Adams often allows a glimpse into his personal life, contrasting some politicians' style of nothing but serious business.
A dim sum wrap is a work of art and the perfect ones have translucent skin allowing glimpses of the contents within.
His outbursts of anger allow glimpses of the passionate man he was, an acknowledgment of the dancer or the engineer or other unspecified profession that he may have excelled in.
The webcam allows a glimpse into the heart of the puffin colony bird sanctuary island.
Due to business secrecy, little of the biotechnological achievements are known, but several patent applications allowed a glimpse of the efforts to produce fragrance molecules.
So these pictures seem to come from nowhere or from other places, allowing glimpses into other people's lives.
Even when you are allowed a glimpse into his traumatised past, you are left fighting an urge to laugh.

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