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all-star game
  • gioco all-star

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There are no mutual opponents this year, not even an all-star game.
The all-star game will not return here: the building is too small, and the weather too much.
The remaining players for the all-star game will be selected in a fantasy draft chosen by the team's respective captains, who haven't been announced.
He probably deserved a little break, but it looked like he was having fun at the all-star game.
I'm happy for him and the way he's dealing (missing the all-star game) because he can be a bitter young man.
There are those who contend that there is a so-called mystique about the all-star game and hockey fans should cherish its institutions.
Sunday's average ratings for the all-star game were the network's best in since 1999, when it drew 1.67 million viewers.
In fact anything before the all-star game has pretty much been ruled out already.

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