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alcohol gel
  • gel alcolico

Esempi di utilizzo "alcohol gel" in Inglese

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Give it a once-over with a good dollop of alcohol gel and your hot towel or a tissue when you get on the plane.
And if you invest in torches or the lanterns that use alcohol gel, you can make your yard look like a resort.
You know, the type you can't go anywhere in public without that little bottle of clear alcohol gel?
Visitors to hospital are reminded to clean their hands with alcohol gel before entering clinical areas.
Visitors are also advised to wash their hands and use the alcohol gel before entering the building.
Clean and wipe the glass with alcohol gel to remove any oil and dry it completely.
I didn't see a white coat in sight, the icon having been binned in favour of rolled up sleeves and alcohol gel because of infection risks.
In fact, they're made from a thin and extremely deformable grid of sensors made of polyethylene terephthalate film -- just 1.4 microns thick -- all held together with polyvinyl alcohol gel.
Similarly, washing your hands (or cleaning them with an alcohol gel) at least five times a day prevents about the same number of colds.

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