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air guitar
  • chitarra ad aria

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Harry was the life and soul of the party, with one attendee later claiming he was giving "random naked hugs" and playing air guitar.
There's a reason why you feel foolish playing air guitar.
Wester was louder at the informal gatherings, singing or even playing air guitar, often the last person to talk business.
Whittney was playing air guitar, having so much fun with her gold curls bouncing.
Maybe something about there being a free air guitar with every pint?
In this video, he dances and plays air guitar at his party.
Occasionally, he will break into an air guitar -- though he doesn't play a real one anymore.
Chacon landed very few punches which made me think he was a disciple and practitioner of air guitar.
Wood gave him his own instrument and was reduced to playing air guitar to an audience of two billion.

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