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aggressive growth
  • crescita aggressiva

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Ayala, in recent years, has taken on an aggressive growth strategy across its businesses to capitalize on a vibrant domestic economy.
Now comes his biggest challenge: changing the corporate culture from public utility to private enterprise, while pursuing an aggressive growth strategy.
We have got an aggressive growth plan around the stuff that we are looking to do moving forward from operational perspective.
We want to hit out first million of fees within three years and have an aggressive growth plan after that.
Although aggressive growth in broker estimates for future years can often be pie in the sky.
Building on this momentum, the funding will allow indeni to fuel aggressive growth plans and reach the broader market.
He has aggressive growth plans and you have to be able to deliver.
That aggressive growth means they are slowly but surely eating the market from the bottom up.
A common thread in asset price bubble literature is the aggressive growth in prices away from the fundamentals that underpin that asset class.

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