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age of gender
  • età del sesso
  • età del genere

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In the age of gender fluidity, images of feminine and masculine, abnormal and normal are spinning in a liberating kaleidoscope.
We are currently experiencing the fourth wave of feminism; the age of gender fluidity, lady gardens and body diversity.
Furthermore, it is noticeably in this age of gender equality that there is no picture of a female.
Even in this age of gender liberalism, a widower already refers to a man.
To bring us up to 2016, the airline decided to reminisce on the 1930s, that halcyon age of gender equality.
There is no information on the age of gender of the victim at this time.
They force a conversation on wholesome rites of passage for boys, which replace gangs and positively channel youthful aggression in a dangerous age of gender, gang and xenophobic violence.
They say that this is the age of gender equality, so wives must join their husbands in the rat race to prove that they are emancipated.

Esempi di utilizzo "age of gender" in Italiano

EnglishI've also entered in her age, her gender and her height.
EnglishThe remarks about administrative discrimination on the grounds of age or gender are particularly regrettable.
Ed è altresì deplorevole dover rilevare che permangono discriminazioni amministrative sulla base dell'età e del sesso.
EnglishThis European Protection Order should apply to all victims of violence, irrespective of their age or gender.
L'ordine di protezione europeo dovrebbe applicarsi a tutte le vittime della violenza, indipendentemente dalla loro età o genere.
EnglishAge and gender should also be taken into account. This is why I tabled an amendment aimed at gender mainstreaming across all areas including health policy.
Per tale motivo ho presentato un emendamento teso a integrare la prospettiva di genere in tutti i settori, compresa la politica sanitaria.
EnglishIt's important to be aware that anyone, anytime, can acquire new skills and competences, irrespective of their age, ethnicity, gender, or location.
È importante essere consapevoli che chiunque, in qualsiasi momento, può acquisire nuove capacità e competenze, indipendentemente dall'età, dall'etnia, dal sesso o dal luogo.
EnglishWhen they're monitoring your clickstream -- and you know they are -- they have a really hard time figuring out your age, your gender and your income.
Quando controllano il flusso dei vostri click... e voi sapete che lo fanno... hanno davvero dei momenti diffcili cercando di capire la vostra età, il vostro genere e reddito.
EnglishArticle 13 of the Treaty of Amsterdam provides a legal basis for the action necessary to prevent discrimination on the basis of disability, age or gender, among others.
L'articolo 13 del Trattato di Amsterdam offre la base giuridica alle misure necessarie per la lotta contro la discriminazione subita per sesso, età o disabilità.

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