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age gracefully
  • età con grazia

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In a bid to age gracefully, women spend a great deal of money on these products that will help them achieve their goal.
Ithink most of us not only want to age gracefully, but to be able to look after ourselves to the very end.
The lady of the cenotaph is never cleaned or powerwashed, but left to age gracefully.
The right combination of strength and mobility is key, whether you're a professional athlete or just trying to age gracefully.
There is a desperate attempt to look younger and a refusal to age gracefully.
Check out their books for extensive information on which styles of wine tend to age gracefully and which don't.
Oak is often wine's walking stick, allowing it to age gracefully and keep standing much longer than it otherwise would.
They have to age gracefully and become thoroughly absorbed into their surroundings.
I feel one should age gracefully, tastefully and with acceptance...
It should age gracefully, as live yeast in the bottle chew up the remaining sugar molecules to yield a drier, more complex beer over time.

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