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affect the gene
  • influenzare il gene

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Most of them are harmless, but a small number affect genes that will promote cancer.
While most are harmless, a small number affect genes that will promote cancer.
As such, doctors are unable to determine whether these mutations affect genes in a way that may increase a person's risk of cancer.
There are many different mutations affecting the genes, the researchers said.
The changes that affect the gene that controls stress was shown to affect multiple generations.
Not only will scientists have to decipher how the epigenome affects genes, they will also have to determine how the lives people lead affect their epigenome.
Thus, the change that led to blond hair did not affect the gene elsewhere in the body.
The availability of nutrients influences cellular growth and survival by affecting gene transcription.
In addition, the factors contain an attachment that lets them bind and work in concert to affect genes, a step not traditionally taken.

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