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aerospace giant
  • gigante aerospaziale

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It's the aerospace giant's second mass round of layoffs in less than a year.
Morneau defended the protracted negotiations with the aerospace giant.
The aerospace giant's renewed push on costs starts with trimming the ranks of managers and executives, offering voluntary layoffs, leaving open positions unfilled and scaling back business travel.
The aerospace giant's revenues fell 8% during the period and 2% for the year to date.
The aerospace giant's shares dropped 2.6 per cent in pre-market trade after the tweet.
The aerospace giant also said it was lifting its quarterly dividend 30pc to $1.42 per share and authorising additional share repurchases to allow up to $14 billion in buybacks.
The aerospace giant said the standoff would influence future workforce decisions.
The aerospace giant says on its website that it's designing a self-piloting flying taxi that passengers will be able summon on their smartphone.
The aerospace giant is cutting back production on its biggest moneymaker -- the 777.
However, the aerospace giant confirmed its target for 2016 plane deliveries and reported better-than-expected revenues.

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